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Empower Your Workforce – Serve Customers Better - Improve Business Productivity

"Drive your Business Sales and Operations from your phone"

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What is Follo?

Follo is a customer relationship management system which assimilates the processes of day to day planning, customer interactions, data acquisition, and reporting into a single platform. Follo also functions as an enterprise resource planning system by providing an extensive business focus and promoting overall efficiency. We believe in providing both businesses and customers with an adept system which integrates aspects of accuracy, proficiency, insight, and excellence.

Why more companies choose "follo" worldwide

Improved Sales and Better Service to Customers.Realtime Visibility of all Sales and Operational Activities.

Improved Collaberation ( All Internal and External Communication, Tasks, Activities, Notifications, and Reminders in one place).

Great Savings for Companies ( Increased Efficiency and Reduced expenses by easily following your field Assets)

Maximum Operational Efficiency (Have your key resources spend time on strategies and decision making while follo monitors and Reports the operations for you in real-time).

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Why you have to use "follo"?

We Believe in reliable, high quality, web and Mobile, All in one, value for money Business tracking solution which Assists Workforce, Monitors for Management and Reports to Business Owners

Leads - Customers

Find, Win and Keep more customers

Invoices - Collections

Digitally Quote/Invoice and Receive Payments

Orders - Deliveries

Track your Orders/Deliveries linked with Inventory

Cash - Deposits

Manager Cash/Cheque Collections, In-Hand and Deposits in Bank

Complains - Support

Solve the Cases/Complains on-time and Keep your Customers Happy

Manage Expenses

Track Employee Expenses and Manage/Approve Advances and Reimbursements

Vendor/Supplier Management

Manage Vendors, Orders and Payments

Inventory Management

Find, Win and Keep more customers

Field Staff Tracking

Track Locations, Stoppage Times and Distance Covered

Tasks - Routes

Plan and Assign Tasks, Find Near by Leads with optimized Route Planning

Organized Chat

Customer Specific Automatic Chat/Discussion Groups history log and Auto Insights on Customer Behavior


Daily Dashboard to Monitor Today's Follow-up activities in Real-time Monthly Dashboard to track this month's Actuals Vs Targets

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Benifits of follo

All in One powerful unique software to run your business sales and operations and transform the way you work.

Increase Efficiency

Manage sales and service activity to provide a 40% increase in overall efficiency.

Easy Field Force Management

Effortlessly assist workforce through the processes of planning, recording, and reporting data for daily tasks and activities.

Save Time

Avoid tedious tasks by having field staff enter data and statistics directly into one single platform which is visible to both leads and employees.

Promote Collaboration

Empower workforce by aligning Sales, Service, and Management teams to endorse accuracy and precision of real-time data.

Immediate Visibility

Real-time data visibility for management allows for easy identification of non-performing assets and fosters instant actions and changes.

Accessible Integration

Data can be integrated onto an existing CRM or EPR system; Follo can become an added source for data collection in addition to an existing system.

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Screen Shots

Easy to Use, Simple Plug and Play APP for Field Staff 15 Minutes to Register, Create Users and Empower your Workforce to hit the Road

Screen Shots - WEB Portal

Easy to Use, Simple web portal for office staff 15 minutes to Register, Create Users and Empower your office Staff to Monitor and Manage in Real-time


Pay Only for what you use Simple and Best Pricing for all kinds of Business-Small, Medium and Large Enterprices 30 % Increase in Workforce Efficiency and 10 TIme Return on Investment (ROI)

"How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose."




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